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Power Exchange 101 with Kai Williams

Power Exchange 101 with Kai Williams

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Power Exchange 101 with Kai Williams - Presented as part of the Transgress Series Thursday, August 29 at 7:3oPM - at Dynamo (2001 St Claude Ave)
$15 online, $18 at the door.

Though this is ultimately part of an ongoing series on different topics, you do NOT have to attend all of Kai's classes to participate. This ticket is just for this class. 

Join NOLA’s own Kai Williams for the third workshop in the Transgress series, Power Exchange 101. This trans masc-led, queer-centered workshop brings a unique approach to sex education, focusing on the dynamics of power exchange in BDSM. Kai aims to create a fun and sexy environment in safe spaces, guiding you through an interactive learning experience. This workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to power play, emphasizing safety, communication, and technique to enhance your confidence and skills in both Dominant and submissive roles. Participants can attend as singles or couples, with the option to practice techniques on themselves or pair up
with others. 

Workshop Highlights:

  • Understanding Power Dynamics: Explore the fundamentals of power exchange, including Dominant, submissive, and Switch roles, and various forms of power play.
  • Negotiation and Consent: Develop skills for pre-play negotiations, establishing boundaries, and ensuring clear, consensual communication.
  • Safety Protocols: Learn techniques to ensure both physical and emotional safety, including the use of safe words and understanding power imbalances.
  • Practical Techniques: Engage in guided scenarios to practice power dynamics, including mental domination, physical restraint, and service dynamics.(optional)
  • Aftercare Essentials: Understand the importance of aftercare, including physical and emotional care post-play.

Transgress guarantees something for everyone! By the end of Power Play 101, you'll have a solid foundation in power play, including safety protocols, effective techniques, and the confidence to explore further. Come out and be part of building a supportive community in NOLA, feeding your curiosity and pleasure! This class is open to all genders and orientations.

Advance booking recommended - these classes do sell out!

Can't make the class in person? Choose the "Recording Ticket" option. You'll get a dropbox link to a video recording of the class that will be available for one week from the date it's emailed to you. Please give us a few days to edit and upload the video after the class. Video may be edited to preserve the anonymity of in-person attendees, but you'll have Kai's full presentation.

About the Educator: Kai Williams is a trans masc queer with over 25 years of experience in kink, viewing it as an extension of self rather than just play. With a master's in social work, Kai creates interactive workshops that foster group participation and shared learning. As a proud NOLA native and seasoned kinkster, Kai has produced queer kink events, starred in queer porn, and hosted play parties. Passionate about strapping, impact play, and BDSM, Kai’s workshops are designed to empower participants with knowledge, confidence, and a sense of community. Kai is also the proud owner of Transkins, a business dedicated to providing quality products for the trans and queer community. Through their work, Kai aims to give back to the community that has supported them, sharing their extensive knowledge and experience to help others explore and enjoy their sexuality safely and confidently.

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