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Vivishine for Latex/Rubber Clothing Care

Vivishine for Latex/Rubber Clothing Care

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With Vivishine, latex outfits stay shiny, supple and graceful as on the first day!

Vivishine delivers long-lasting visible deep shine and gentle intensive care for all latex and rubber clothing articles. Perfects the latex feeling on the skin. Solvent-free and odorless.

Vivishine is the optimal base for shine and care of latex clothing. Ideally, Vivishine is added to the rinse water directly after washing and thus spreads perfectly over the entire surface of the material. The use is particularly simple, economical and effective. Because there is no friction from polishing, this procedure is gentle on the sensitive latex surface and protects it at the same time.

After treatment with Vivishine and subsequent drying, the latex clothing can be easily hung up and stored in the closet or even garment bag. When you put it back on, the latex still shines from the depth and the surface is smooth when you put it on. 

150ml bottle

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