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Dental Dam Harness

Dental Dam Harness

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 This is a smart, sexy, and innovative safer-sex toy from The Stockroom, designed to hold a dental dam in place on any gender, in front or in back, or both. (If you prefer using Saran wrap, this harness will work well with that too.)

One strap goes around the waist, while two additional straps go between the legs, one on either side of the genital/anal area, encircling each thigh. Snaps hold a dam in place over the area(s) you want to cover. When used on a person with a penis, the harness is recommended primarily for covering the anal area. When used on a vulva owner to cover both the vaginal and anal areas, 2 dams are recommended.

Black leather with metal snaps.

Waist Max: 34" Thigh Max: 26"

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