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Deuce Double Penetration Harness

Deuce Double Penetration Harness

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Deuce from SpareParts is the first harness designed especially for wearers with penises! Deuce is a brilliant solution that allows you to continue love making in between erections, not to mention an excellent tool for double penetration. Two separate holes allow for the penis to extend through one and a toy to extend through the other, so there is no need to skip a beat when pleasuring your partner. An internal pocket holds a vibrator for extra stimulation, and a unique pouch comfortably cradles the testicles. Leg straps lightly cross over the perineum for added pleasure. Comfortable and completely adjustable!

Harness Specs:

The Deuce has an elastic and stretchy O-ring which expands and contracts to hold a variety of dildos of different shapes and sizes, so each and every experience can be a new and exciting one.

Both openings have two small flaps on the inside of the harness so that the wearer has the choice of having the dildo base against the skin for that more intimate and involved feeling, or have it covered for a gentler, less abrasive sensation. With the flaps, the wearer can also opt to have their penis inside or outside the pouch.

The belt is secured with Velcro and has a second elastic pull feature for locking your product of choice into place. The locking mechanisms on the leg strap allow the wearer to move the sliders into place, whilst the locking teeth of the top slider holds the straps and harness in place so the harness is secure the entire time it is worn. The Deuce can be worn comfortably without having to constantly re-adjust.

The simplicity of this harness makes it easy to use for a variety of ways. The wearer doesn’t have to remove the Deuce to insert their penis or the dildo through either one of the hole while they are wearing it. They can simply release the belt strap and pull the pouch forward and insert or pull forward on either side of the pouch to insert.

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Nylon and Spandex
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