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Gripper Nipple Suckers

Gripper Nipple Suckers

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Take your nip play to new heights with these Gripper Nipple Suckers from Oxballs. Gripper creates a vacuum seal that sucks and stimulates for bigger, more sensitive nipples with use. The flexible TPR material is soft to the touch but still firm enough to create some serious suction. Each pair is topped with a small handle, perfect for tugging, flicking, or even holding a small vibrator (not included).

To apply, simply wet the bottom of each sucker (use spit, lube, water...), squeeze out the air, stick them on your nipples and enjoy the sensations! For more intense suction, try greasing the opening of each sucker with old school waxy chapstick. It's cheap, easy and will make your pumping and plumping even more effective!

TPR material is phthalate free, with no scent.

Measures 2" long, 1.12" diameter.
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