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Hegar 8-pc Dilator Sounding Set

Hegar 8-pc Dilator Sounding Set

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This Hegar dilator Set consists of 8 hollow stainless steel dialators, and comes in a leather case. Hegar dilators provide the option of double-ended dilators in even-millimeter increments, or from 3 to 18 for a greater diameter range over the entire set. Sizes: 3mm/4mm 5mm/6mm 7mm/8mm 9mm/10mm 11mm/12mm 12mm/14mm 15mm/16mm 17mm/18mm

Safety, Care, and Usage: These instruments should be cleaned and sterilized before and after use. We strongly recommend using sterile surgical lube with this product. Use of this Hegar Sounds Set, as with all urethral sounds, is recommended under the guidance of a trained expert.

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