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Je Joue

Je Joue Naughty Collection Gift Set

Je Joue Naughty Collection Gift Set

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Beautifully packaged in Je Joue's rose gold feather design box, this is the perfect gift set for that extra special someone. Finish your night feeling spoiled, loved up, and closer than ever!

The Limited Edition Black & Rose Gold Mimi Vibrator feels great on the clitoris and any other area that tickles the fancy, from nipples to the perineum (and anywhere in between)! Smooth and soft, Mimi glides across the skin, making it perfect for a body massage with a twist.

The Ylang Ylang & Mandarin scented Massage Candle is ideal for massaging each other's shoulders, back, buttocks, thighs, and chest. The candle is made from 100% soybean wax, rich in vitamin E and natural essential oils for a great massage, or to just have for ambient scents to enhance the experience.

The gentle Satin Blindfold & Restraint will add a sultry yet decadent atmosphere to any soft bondage play. The soft satin feels luxurious and sensual next to the skin, and by taking away the sense of sight, this set will add suspense, waiting for every touch and whisper. Alternatively, tie up a playmate in a naughty little bow to have them begging for more!

Build intimacy, trust, and desire by playing Je Joue's intimate Truth or Dare card game. The Dare cards will encourage players to explore each other's bodies in new ways, discovering new sensations, and deepening the understanding of each other's unique pleasure points. The Truth cards will ask to share memories, dreams, ideas, and opinions to learn something new about each other to enhance the bond and feel closer than ever.

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