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Mighty One Vibrating Ring (w/ App)

Mighty One Vibrating Ring (w/ App)

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This vibrating cock ring is ideal for adding buzz to both bio and synthetic cocks! Stretch the silicone ring around the shaft or behind both balls and shaft to lead to a harder, fuller erection, and push the silver button on top to add your desired level of vibration. With ten speeds, ranging from gentle to intense, you're sure to find a mode that pleases. Adjust with the push of a button - or via the Satisfyer Connect App (Available via Apple and Google Play). And don't forget - cock rings work great on dildos, too!

This large, tear drop-shaped variation of the traditional ring provides extra surface area - great for your partner to grind against! Position pointing towards your bellybutton to stimulate your partner in missionary, or turn the teardrop towards your perineum to give yourself a wild ride!

This rechargeable toy charges magnetically, making it waterproof and perfect for the bath or shower. USB charger.

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