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Mini Halo

Mini Halo

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A luxurious massage and stimulation staple, made conveniently petite.

The Mini Halo wand combines twenty unique vibration functions with a silicone head that bends and flexes as desire dictates. Conveniently cordless, this traditionally shaped toy renders the much-loved wand perfectly user friendly -- and fully rechargeable. 20 Vibration patterns & 8 speed strengths tailor your massage experience. The Mini Halo's special high-strength motor provides exceptional power, yet quiet vibrations. Even better, the vibration is confined to the head of the wand - you'll feel little to no vibrations at the handle. No numb hands for you!

This toy is covered in soft matte body-safe silicone for complete comfort. Measures 7.5" from end to end. Splash-proof.

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