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Multifun 3

Multifun 3

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This sensual non-gendered vibrator allows for in-the-moment creative play, especially for couples wanting to flex their imagination. With its 180° rotating, soft-silicone head, this multi-toy is comfortably accommodating for all positions.

In fact, the creators of Satisfyer's Partner Multifun 3 Vibe have imagined at 32 pleasure possibilities* for this mind-bendingly versatile vibrator, and they're yours to discover! Satisfyer's Partner Multifun 3 features two vibrating silicone stems curving out from one side, and a curvy, deep-diving penetration at the other. The stems can be rotated to the side or backwards to suit just about any possible position. Up top, the stems reach toward each other, leaving some space between. Push them together with your fingers, or have your partner do likewise to gently surround nipples, clitoris, penis, or scrotum. The Multifun 3 can also looped over the penis and worn as a cock ring or double penetrator- you could even stroke with it. Try it out during sex, use it to target the g-spot, or just hold it in hand and direct the shape any-which-way the pleasure wind blows.

The Multifun 3 has three motors: one at the tip of each stem and another at the base. The motors in the stems' shaft are separately controlled. Both top and bottom feature 10 modes each, so there are up to 100 different combination possible. Each end of the multifun can be turned on or off to enjoy separately or in conjunction.

Always ready when you are, the Multifun 3 is USB rechargeable. A simple magnetic charge cord clips to the base of the vibe, and begins powering up when connected to a USB power source.

This toy is sometimes marketed as the Satisfyer "Endless Fun." It's the same toy with an updated name!

Coated in body-safe silicone
Measures 9.4"; 4.5" insertable

* they're illustrated on the packaging!

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