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Power Tripper

Power Tripper

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Become a human electrode and watch how sparks will literally fly between you and your partner with Kinklab's Electro-Erotic Power Tripper, an exciting accessory for the Neon Wand that electrifies your entire body! When the Power Tripper is worn next to your bare skin, gentle but incredibly stimulating electricity flows between you and your partner. Imagine caressing, kissing, touching, tickling, teasing, and tormenting your partner as they tingle every time any part of your body comes in contact with any part of theirs!

If you've ever wanted to feel magical electricity flowing from the tips of your fingers like some kinda wizard, y'all, this is your toy. Keep in mind though that it only works with the Kinklab Neon Wand!

Read directions fully before use and play with care. The Neon Wand should not be used on people who have pacemakers or those who are pregnant. All jewelry should be removed. Keep the Neon Wand well away from water and do not use with wet hands.

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