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Saffron Hog Tie and Cuffs Set

Saffron Hog Tie and Cuffs Set

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The Saffron Hog Tie and Cuff Set binds your wrists and ankles, but frees your wildest fantasies. A metal X-shaped hog tie bar with firmly welded o-rings placed at each end is ready to position when connected with four faux leather, lightly padded adjustable cuffs (each in the Saffron collection's signature red and black). With heavy duty hardware and firmly fitted cuffs, there will be no wriggling out of this one! Each sturdy connection point can take a wrist, ankle, or combination of the two to properly truss up you or your partner. The cuffs can also be clipped together or attached to other bondage gear to maximize restraint play. Mix and match with other Saffron collection products for even more fun! Adjustable cuffs fit most users. Swivel snap clips make many positions possible. Vegan/vegetarian-friendly faux leather. Nickel-free metal.

Includes: One X-Shaped Hog Tie Bar with O-Rings in Matte Black 10.25" (26.04cm) measured end-to-end across center. Four Adjustable Faux Leather Cuffs in Saffron and Black 10" (25.4cm).

About the Saffron collection: Saffron is a thoughtfully-crafted line of couples-friendly vegan products designed for players at every level of interest and experience. Created with beauty, comfort, and safety in mind, Saffron is perfect for anyone who desires to explore a new kind of give and take in the bedroom.

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