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Shots Deluxe Beginner Pump

Shots Deluxe Beginner Pump

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This affordable device is a good place to start for folks interested in pumps!

Vacuum erection devices (AKA Penis pumps!) are designed to help users get erections and keep them bigger and harder. Playing with suction is also great for masturbation, as it feels great and increases sensitivity! In cases where an erection cannot be achieved or maintained, pumps can work to fill the penis with blood. Used in conjunction with a cock ring (included), they can help the user to have and maintain an erection. Note: Penis pumps won't necessarily cause permanant penis enlargement, but they ARE a lot of fun!

This pump is made of hard ABS plastic with a silicone insertion sleeve, and comes with a silicone cock ring. A trigger grip is used to control the suction, which many find to be more comfortable than the classic "squeeze ball" grip. Comes with a quick-release button.

Total length: 9"
Total diameter: 2.35"
Hose length: 10"

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