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Silicone Dragon Tail

Silicone Dragon Tail

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Sometimes you want stingy, sometimes thuddy, and sometimes... you just want to wag the tail. Introducing the new Tantus Dragon Tail, your one-stop tool for stingy, thuddy, and insertable tail play! This whip's narrow tip gives an amazing bite and gets in those hard to hit places other paddles can't. It's perfect for genital and targeted impact as well as good all around play. Invert the paddle and the handle gives a nice thuddy hit. The rest of the handle offers nearly 7 inches of insertable length so that you too can be the best dragon you can be. Plus, silicone is perfect for impact play: it transmits energy like no other material. It's durable and sterilizable. And it's got a really mean bite - we'd say, draconic!

Measures 16.75" end to end, 6.75" handle, 7" "tail"

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