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Bijoux Indiscrets

Slow Sex Warming Massage

Slow Sex Warming Massage

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Let’s indulge and take our time! Bijoux Indiscrets Slow Sex line is created for a fast-paced world that doesn’t always take the time to slow down and savor the precious moments. Each product in the Slow Sex line encourages awareness and new forms of exploration of pleasure.

This warming massage gel is a new classic - with a tropical aroma, sweet flavor, and tantalizing texture that invites caresses, licks, and kisses from head to toe. Formulated to provide an amazing warming sensation. Rub in the gel and massage gently, then blow on the skin to maximize the gel’s warming effect.

Because it contains glycerin (sugar), we do NOT recommend this massage gel for vaginal/internal use. It is not a lube! But if you want to try a warming massage gel with a subtle coconut scent and flavor, this is a great choice, especially for adding some luxury to your foreplay.

50ml / 1.69 fl. oz.
Ingredients: Glycerin, Aroma (Flavour), Aqua (Water), Sodium Saccharin, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate

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