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The Mistress Manual

The Mistress Manual

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Subtitled "The Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance," The Mistress Manual is a solid resource for femmes who wish to explore their dominant side with their partners. We love its extensive lists of actionable items, including tons of ideas for scenes (great for those who are a bit shyer or less improvisationally-inclined!)

The brainchild of an experienced and wickedly creative dominant woman, The Mistress Manual gives you the skills and encouragement you need to turn your partner into an obedient, devoted, and very happy helpmeet. This book focuses on five "archetypes" (the Nursemaid, the Governess, the Queen, the Amazon, the Goddess), each of which typifies a potential aspect of feminine dominance - however, creativity is encouraged! We recommend this book for anyone who craves inspiration - and concrete examples - for how to turn their femme top fantasies into reality!

Note: This is a somewhat older book. Though many of the ideas in it could be adjusted for couples of different genders, it is written through the lens of heterosexual (and implied cis) partners. We would love to see an updated edition from this author someday!

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